Distributor's Questions & Expert Answers
Answers to questions from the Entrepreneur Magazine series "Ask the MLM Expert" featuring consultant Michael L. Sheffield, published at Entrereneur.com.

What's the best way to start building my sales organization?
Building a sales organization.
There are so many ways to build an MLM business. Where do I start?
Growing your MLM business.
Are MLM Products Overpriced?
Can MLM Compete With Retail?
How important is the PRODUCT in choosing an MLM Company?
How To Choose the Best Product To Sell
How do I get a commitment out of prospective customers?
Closing the Sale as a Network Marketer
What is the difference between Direct Sales and Multi-Level Marketing?
Understanding the difference helps determine which opportunity is the best fit for you.
How do I go about shopping for the right MLM company?
Finding the Perfect Opportunity
Can you give me some tips on recruiting for my MLM business?
The top 10 lead generation sources.
Should I pursue network marketing when the economy is in a downturn?
How a recession affects MLM.
How do I know an MLM company is legal and legitimate?
There's a huge difference between network marketing and pyramid schemes.
Is networking marketing as easy and lucrative as recruiters make it sound?
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Shouldn’t MLM companies create better packaging for their products?
MLM Product Packaging vs. Retail Packaging
How do I overcome objections, when I'm selling and recruiting?
In Network Marketing, A "No" Isn't Always A "No."
Is there a secret to successfully selling over the phone?
Polishing Your Phone Sales
Can I prevent other MLM companies from luring away my recruits?
Keep Away From My Downline
What questions should I ask a Network Marketing company before I signup?
Gather the right facts in your business opportunity investigation
What's the best way to recruit people around the nation?
Reach Out and Sponsor
How are MLM companies using the Internet?
Benefits of the Replicating Web Site
I am just getting started and want do it right. How should I go about this?
Do your investment justice by preparing thoroughly for your business.
How can I know if an MLM company is right for me?
What To Look For In An MLM Opportunity.
Can you help me decide which sales approach fits my style?
Finding the perfect fit.
How can I tell if my network marketing company will succeed or fail?
Why Some MLMs Fail


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