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Articles by Jeffrey Babener
MLM Cross-Sponsoring Rules
Preventing unethical raiding of your organization.
New Protection For MLM Distributors
What is your company's policy on buybacks and refunds?
The FTC and Advertising
Check with your company before running any advertising on your own.
Is This a Pyramid or a Legitimate MLM?
What do you look for with respect to legitimacy vs. pyramid.
Incorporating the Network Marketer
hings to consider for a first meeting with your corporate counsel.
Who Controls Marketing Materials?
What constitutes trademark infringement or unfair competition?
Network Marketing Legal Issues
Principles to apply in evaluating a new program or working within their existing program..
MLM and Sales Taxes
Can states legally tax interstate sales? Who is responsible for sales tax?
Noncompetition Agreements – Enforceable?
Establishing competing businesses after the franchise agreement is terminated. 
Taxes In the New Millennium
Writing off legitimate business deductions.
The 70% Rule – What It's All About?
Stamping out the front load.
Who Owns the Downline?

The question of "rights in the downline."
MLM Legality: The Amway Safeguards Rule
The "gold standard" in evaluating legitimate MLM vs. illegal pyramids.


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